Rhys Aislabie

Web & Mobile App Developer

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About Me

I am a passionate and motivated geek who has an interest in understanding how things work and improving them. I have recently finished university and love working with other developers. I am currently Sheffield based but am hoping to move to Leeds soon.

With being at university I've had the opportunity to work on projects using some of the most recent languages and frameworks that have appeared in the industry.

I enjoy the creativity involved with the development of websites and mobile applications, starting with just a concept and finishing with a working product is a very satisfying feeling. Developing a website or an application that delivers a enjoyable user experience whilst maintaining a modern design is something I take pride in.


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Carters-decorators was a complete rebuild to make the site responsive and give it a modern design.

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National Admissions Agency was a university project that aimed to replicate some of the UCAS application processes.

Air Note
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AirNote was a group project at university. The mobile application is a note keeping app which features an escalation system.

Front-End Development

I create websites and applications using web technologies such as, html5, css3 and JavaScript. To increase usability and features I also have experience with several tools/frameworks such as:

Back-End Development

The applications I have created have included different services for integrating the back-end with the front-end depending on the requirements. Some of these are:

Mobile Development

I have worked on the development of various mobile applications using several technologies. AirNote was developed using ionic,cordova and angular.js. Exposure to mobile development has caught my interest and I have begun developing applications using react native.

Other smaller personal projects meant using Xamarin forms and C#. With the experience I already had with C# choosing Xamarin meant that I didn't need to learn a new language. It allows fast deployment to, android, ios and windows.

Mobile development is an area that I am very interested in pursuing in the future and hope to add more mobile projects to my site in soon!